Thursday, November 6, 2008


This has nothing to do with marketing but I really wanted to write a few lines after seeing this movie...

The thing that brought this movie in my list of fav. movies was the concept that how a simple young man just wanting to have some adventurous life experience before he really settles in life as a medical doctor turned out to become a revolutionist just by looking at his other countrymen who were non-exsistant for him a little while ago.

We all get some chance to look around at others the same way but I guess our lack of honesty stops us from the turning point. The movie which is based on original events also mentions this fact that the person I am referring to was full of honesty. In my view point this one factor made him so sensitive to his surroundings.

Whats history for those people is now becoming a reality for us, thus we too need honest people to get us to our rightful destination!!!!!

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