Friday, November 21, 2008

From Wispers of the Desert

This is written by Fatima Bhutto & is taken from her first book Whispers of the Desert!!!


Bullets riddle the air
Hate stalks
The streets
But sitting up high
They laugh
Nothing is wrong as long as I have power

Danger lurks around corners
Violence flows as freely as blood in the streets
Death is a part of everyday life
But those at top
Look down at the people and smile
Nothing is wrong
Nothing will go wrong as long as I have power

The city erupts, dissolves
The city collapses
But, at the top
They rejoice
They are in power

End 1995

I am not a very poetic oriented person, this youndra of expression flows right above my head BUT this is something which penetrated deep inside.....She has got power in her words & this is the only poetry book I have in my personal library & I love it...

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