Friday, November 21, 2008

The Blood Game :*(

The news about the murder of Sir Khurseed Alam Gill came as a shock to me. I haven't taken any course from him but he was quite a popular teacher among his students. However, a small incident of interaction showed me the reason behind his being so much respected. I took part in the discussion session of the alumni function where Sir Gill was among the audience. On the next working day while passing by he stopped & gave his feedback on what I said at the function & encouraged that the students be an active part of such activities..

May his soul rest in peace

This incident also made me think more deeply on this practice of blood game. It is something which unites the whole world, no social,ethnic or religious group is exempted from it. Just look whats going on around us,the media is full of such events. Be it the high profile murders such as John F Kennedy, Mir Murtaza Bhutto,Benazir etc or the everyday news that we read or what just happened to our teacher.

The grass root reason is the same, material things (power,money,property or even different view point) have become more important than the human life.To what extent these material things will be able to satisfy the human desires? Why does the inner conscious not driving crazy the responsible people behind the miseries of others? Isn't this against the law of the nature?

We are seeing the negative results of tampering with the environmental side of the nature; greenhouse effect,frequent earthquakes etc. Still we haven't learnt our lesson that disturbing the natural cycle is highly dangerous.If just the consequences of this high level moral tempering are visualized the human race might turn back to its rightful path.

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