Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Blame Game!!!!

Why does Indianian government always has to blame others specially Pakistan for every mishap that takes place inside their boarders. They always try to pose an image of innocence for themselves which in most of the cases is a complete opposite of what the reality is. I completely condemn the terrorist attacks that the Mumbai people suffered but their media & government personal should avoid making any knee jerk comments.

India is not the only country which has become the victim of this mindless phenomena, the whole world is suffering from it. So instead of playing the blame game they should opt a positive attitude & cooperate with Pakistan & the rest of the world to make this world a better place to live.

By this time I think anybody who tries to use his/her mind to figure out whats happening around us, will be able to understand that all this is basically not happening because of some religious ideology. There are a number of vested interests who benefit from this spread of terror. How did our religion got the limelight in all of this has a long historical background.

As for those who are stuck with the religious side of this for them I only have to say that every religion has extremist. If you keep yourself updated with the current affairs I think that you would understand exactly what I am referring to.

I would sign off with this hope that one day we are able to get rid of this dense web of cruelty.

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